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Bathroom Makeup Sink Vanity Sale

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Specials & Offers - Bath Vanity with Makeup Table

The perfect makeup vanity with Sink for your home!

 Makeup Sink Vanity width sizes: 48, 54, 60, 69", 72", 78", 84", 90", 96", 102" & 120"

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Configure your bathroom sink vanity with makeup table online without leaving your home. Call us with any questions or to place your order today.

Vanity with Makeup Table Sale

 Makeup Sink Vanity width sizes: 48, 54, 60, 69", 72", 78", 84", 90", 96", 102" & 120"

Order Now - Bathroom Vanity with Makeup Table

Makeup Table Sink Vanity Sale

Specials & Offers - Bath Vanity with Makeup Table

Oriental Made Sink Vanities
A fine selection of Oriental Bathroom Sink Cabinets offered by KitchenLav.com
 Best Price guarantee on all Oriental manufactured Sink Vanities!

For vanity selections please click on buttons at left side of this page and choose by size. Click on the related buttons at left, or go to the Homepage and click by category, example faucets, vessel sinks, bars etc.,

Call KitchenLav.com at Tel. 516-869-4898, for Best Prices on these and many other Oriental Made Sink Vanities at KitchenLav.com.

G = Black Granite        
B = Brown marble        
IV = Cream marble        
ITEM # Meas. - W x D x H ITEM # DESCRIPTION Counter top
33130-72M 72x22x35"H 33130-72M 72" IV MT Kleinburg double sink vanity   
33131M 51x22.5x35.5"H 33131M IV MT Kensington sink vanity Light marble
33132-1GF 60x21x35"H 33132-1GF Bk Grand Supreme Double Sink Huntington vanity Light marble
33132M 60x21x35"H 33132M IV MT Double Huntington vanity - Brown body Granite
6275M 45x22x36"H 6275M IV MT  Brookdale sink vanity Brown Marble
BA-1905-13B(2883) 26.5x21.5x33"H BA-1905-13B(2883) BN MT Fairmont sink vanity Brown marble
BA-1905-8M 26.5x21.5x33"H BA-1905-8M IV MT Fairchild sink vanity -  Lit stress look New cream 
BA-2815M 42x22x36"H BA-2815M IV MT Morton sink vanity  REMARKS
BA-2844M-2883 26x20.75x37 BA-2844M-2883 New Q075M   - IV MT Horton sink vanity  - like Q075 Brown marble
BA-2845M 30x22x36" BA-2845M IV MT Atoll sink vanity  -  (3 holes) Wht bowl/ wht marble
BA-2869M  2883 32x22x36 BA-2869M  2883 IV MT Versailles sink vanity Brown marble
BA-2881BLT-56 56x22x35.5 BA-2881BLT-56 BN MT Beckham sink vanity - Light stress look Light marble
BA-2881M-56" 56x22x35.5 BA-2881M-56" IV MT Beckham sink vanity  -  Gold brushing  New cream 
BA-2881MLT-56 56x22x35.5 BA-2881MLT-56 IV MT  Beckham sink vanity  -  Stress look  
BA-2882BLT-48 48x22x36"H BA-2882BLT-48 BN MT Loehman sink vanity - Light stress look  
BA-2882MLT-48 48x22x36 BA-2882MLT-48 IV MT Loehman sink vanity- Light body  
BA-2908-4 21.5x21.5x35 BA-2908-4 BN MT Manchester sink vanity (2 holes)  
BA-2910M 24 x 21 x 35" BA-2910M IV MT contempo sink vanity  
BA-2911M 39.5x22x36 BA-2911M IV MT Sanford sink vanity   
BA-3059DM-60 60x22x36"H BA-3059DM-60 IV MT Campbellton sink vanity  Light marble - Egyptian
BA-3059DM-72 72x22x36"H BA-3059DM-72 IV MT Campbellton sink vanity - new color Light marble - Egyptian
BA-3066M 21x19x33 BA-3066M IV MT Teega sink vanity - White body White marble 
BA-3074B 28x20x33 BA-3074B BN MT Carver sink vanity  -  (3 holes)  
BA-3105M 48x22.25x35"H BA-3105M IV MT Langston sink vanity   
BA-3168M 25x20.5x34" BA-3168M IV MT Nickolas Sink vanity  
BA-3174 46x21x35"H BA-3174 IV MT Jacques Bath sink vanity  
BA-4319 60x23x35.5" BA-4319 IV MT Durlinger double sink vanity REMARKS
BA-4320/4335-2 50x22x35.5" BA-4320/4335-2 IV MT Durlinger sink vanity White Marble
BA-4330M 27x21x35.5"H BA-4330M IV MT Bellefonte sink vanity Wht bowl/ White top
BA-4406-2883 26x22x34"H BA-4406-2883 Wht MT Catalinda sink vanity - Brown body Granite
BA-4406WT  25x22x34"H BA-4406WT  Wht MT Catalinda sink vanity - Black body  
BA-4435 48x22x36"H BA-4435 IV MT Flamingham Bath sink vanity Light marble
BA-4437M-50 50 x 22 x 36"H BA-4437M-50 IV MT Hopkinton Bath sink vanity White bowl 
BA-4437M-60 60 x 22 x 36"H BA-4437M-60 IV MT Hopkinton Bath sink vanity  
BA-4443-1 48.5 x 22 x 36"H BA-4443-1 IV MT Cambridge Bath sink vanity  
BA-4447M-54 54x21x35"H BA-4447M-54 IV MT Channel Bath sink vanity  
BWV-015/30   30x22x31 BWV-015/30   30" WT MT Alston vessel sink vanity w/basin & faucet  
BWV-015/36   36x22x31"H BWV-015/36   36" WT MT Alston vessel sink vanity w/basin & faucet  
BWV-026/32   32x22x31"H BWV-026/32   STN Verdana II sink vanity with bowl & faucet  
BWV-047  24x21.75x34" BWV-047 GT Debellis sm. bathroom vanity  
BWV-048  24x22x36" BWV-048 IV MT Camelot sink vanity  
BWV-059/36 36.25x22.75x34.25"H  BWV-059/36 IV MT Wengo Sink Vanity  White marble/ White bowl
FWM-025/3040 30x2x40 FWM-025/3040 Matching mirror for Ashley Light marble
FWM-026-2434   FWM-026-2434 Verdana mirror Light marble - Egyptian
FWM-047-2228 22 x 28" FWM-047-2228 Mirror for Debellis Light marble - Egyptian
FWM-048-2228 22 x 28" FWM-048-2228 Mirror for Camelot Light marble
FWV-015/2434 24x1.5x34 FWV-015/2434 Matching mirror for 30" Alston   
FWV-015/2940 29x1.5x40 FWV-015/2940 Matching mirror for 36" Alston  Granite
HF-2GT 60.5x22.25x35"H HF-2GT GT MT  Martinique sink vanity  White marble - White bowl
HF-2M 60.5x22.25x35"H HF-2M IV MT  Martinique sink vanity  Light marble
HF-4M-74 74 x 22 x 36.25'H HF-4M-74 IV MT Grand Marquis Double sink vanity Granite
HF0038R 40.25x22.5x37.25"'H HF0038R Red Majestic Callen sink vanity  Light marble
HF004 25x21x33"H HF004 IV MT Alessa sink vanity Light marble
HF006 24x21x35"H HF006 Wht MT Ashlie sink vanity  
HF0417 36 x 22.25 x 34.5"H HF0417 IV MT Warwick Sink Vanity  REMARKS
HF0618M 48x21.5x33'H HF0618M IV MT Dorchester sink vanity  Different top 
HF1214 42.5x21.5x36.5"H HF1214 IV MT Algaringo sink vanity  
HF1215 32.35x21.75x35.5"H HF1215 IV MT Velarde sink vanity  
HF2095M 39x22.25x35"H HF2095M IV MT  Septimus sink vanity   
HF2105G 48.5x22x36"H HF2105G GT Criscione sink vanity  Egyptian cream marble
HF2105M 48.5x22x36"H HF2105M IV MT Criscione sink vanity  Egyptian cream marble
HF2129 37.5x20.5x37"H HF2129 IV MT Devenero sink vanity  
HF2263 32.5x20x34.5"H HF2263 WHT MT Camarin sink vanity - Cream body  
HF2277B 49x22.5x33.5"H HF2277B BN MT Cartmel sink vanity  Brown marble
HF2277G 49x22.5x33.5"H HF2277G GT MT Cartmel sink vanity  Light marble
HF2277M 49x22.5x33.5"H HF2277M IV MT Cartmel sink vanity   
HF2326 32.5x20x34.5"H HF2326 WHT MT Decoroso sink vanity - Black body  
HF2527M 39x22.5x36.5'H HF2527M IV MT Normandy sink vanity   
K1103 36x21x35.5"H K1103 Granite top Vertigo sink avnity cabinet Granite
K2205 36x21x35"H K2205 GT MT Dorsett Bathroom sink vanity Light marble
K2261M 53x22x35.5"H K2261M IV MT Brockton sink vanity Light marble
K2969M-65 65x22x35"H K2969M-65 IV MT Baldwin Double sink vanity Light marble
L-33130M 60.25x22x36.5"H L-33130M IV MT Kleinburg double sink vanity  
Q005-1 37 x 22 x 34" Q005-1 GT Baltimore sink vanity  
Q008M 27x21x33.5"H Q008M IV MT Chardonay Jr. sink vanity - Cherry  
Q021-1GF 37.5x20.5x37"H Q021-1GF Bk Grand Supreme Hungtington Bathroom Sink Vanity  
Q021-1R 37.5x20.5x37"H Q021-1R Red Majestic Hungtington Bathroom Sink Vanity REMARKS
Q021-48 48x22x37 Q021-48 GT Hungtington Bath Sink Vanity  
Q030-C 24x24x34"H Q030-C IV MT Bayview corner sink vanity Light marble
Q031M (3) 51 (47.5)x 22.75 x 36" Q031M (3) IV MT Castillian sink vanity  
Q036GT 48x22x36"H Q036GT GT Florence sink vanity - Walnut cabinet Light marble
Q036M 48x22x36"H Q036M IV MT Florence sink vanity -  Light marble
Q036XLM 63.5x23x36"H Q036XLM IV MT Florence Double Sink vanity -  Light marble - Gold line
Q066M 32 x 21.25 x 36"H Q066M IV MT Luxemburg Sink vanity   
Q075-1GF 26x21x37.75''H Q075-1GF BK GT Huntington Jr. sink vanity   
Q075R 26x21x37.75''H Q075R Red Majestic Granite Top Huntington Jr. sink vanity  REMARKS
Q077-3BN 37x20.5x31.25"H Q077-3BN GT Moderno sink vanity with bowl & faucet - brown  
Q077-8G 46x20x31"H Q077-8G GT Domingo sink vanity with bowl & faucet  
Q083D  66" 66x21.75x36.25"H Q083D  66" 66" IV MT Charito double sink vanity Yellow
Q083M 24.5x21.5x34"H Q083M IV MT Charito sink vanity  
Q089 40x20x36 Q089 GT Belmont Bath Sink Vanity  
Q136-1 36x20.25x31.5"H Q136-1 STN Verdana sink vanity with bowl & faucet Granite
Q136-8 48x22x33.5"H Q136-8 48" Culture Top Verdana sink vanity with bowl & faucet Granite
Q136H2 22x10x67.5" Q136H2 Kyoto Tall Linen cabinet  
Q136HA3 32.5x13x34" Q136HA3 2x2 Linen cabinet  New marble 
Q154G    31" 33x21.5x35.5"H Q154G    31" GT Felton sink vanity  
Q154M   54" 54x22.25x35.25"H Q154M   54" IV MT Felton 54" sink vanity  
Q160 31x21.5x36"H Q160 IV MT Takashi sink vanity  
Q193GT 60.25x22x36.5"H Q193GT GT Kleinburg double sink vanity REMARKS
Q231-2 31.75x23x33.75"H Q231-2 Temper glass Vermezzo sink vanity New cream 
Q337-1 24 x 22.5 x 35"H Q337-1 IV MT Gotham sink vanity New cream 
Q343-30 30x21x37"H Q343-30 IV MT Delamore sink vanity  
Q343-38 38x21x35"H Q343-38 IV MT Delamore sink vanity  
Q344M 41x21x36"H Q344M IV MT Benedetta sink vanity  
Q345 38x21x31.5"H Q345 Grey Granite MT Beatrice vessel sink vanity  
Q401 30 x 22 x 31.5"H Q401 IV MT Turismo sink vanity  
Q404 29.25x22x35.25"H Q404 BN MT tiles Darren sink vanity  
Q410 48x22.25x37"H Q410 IV MT Zeccone sink vanity  
Q413M 34x22x35.5"H Q413M IV MT Litchfield sink vanity  
Q414GT 35.5x22.5x35.5"H Q414GT GT MT Stoughton sink vanity  
Q414M 35.5x22.5x35.5"H Q414M IV MT Stoughton sink vanity  
Q423 48x22x34.5'H Q423 IV MT Valencia sink vanity   
Q442 24 x 21.5 x 35.5"H Q442 IV MT Marcello sink vanity  
Q636 63.5x20.5x33"H Q636 STN Double Verdana sink vanity with bowl & faucet Light marble
Q770M 32.5x21.5x36"H Q770M IV MT Dickenson sink vanity  
S01  36 x 22 x 36" S01  R MT Madison sink vanity  
S01GT 36 x 22 x 36"H S01GT GT MT Madison sink vanity  
S01M 36 x 22 x 36"H S01M IV MT Madison sink vanity  
SC-4320-AS 50x22x35.5" SC-4320-AS IV MT Kendrick sink vanity - Ash brown  
SC0026  72x22x36"H SC0026  IV MT Lymans Bath sink vanity  
SC0030 42 x 22 x 36"H SC0030 IV MT Bernardo Bath sink vanity  
SC0055BN   41.5"   SC0055BN   41.5" IV MT Puteaux Bath sink vanity - Espresso  
SC0055M 41.5x20.5x34.5"H SC0055M IV MT Puteaux Bath sink vanity  
SW029 28.5x21x33"H SW029 STN Verdana Jr. sink vanity with bowl & faucet Temple glass


Q345G Vessel sink vanity Beatrice Size:38x21x31.5"H
Q346 Vessel Sink Bath Vanity Beatrice Size:38x21x31.5"H
136HR Verdana II vessel sink vanity Size:33x21.5x33"H
20" Plus Bath Vanities
26" Camelot Bath Vanity ONLY ONE AT THIS PRICE
26” Cottage look Abbeville Bath Vanity: Size:25x20.75x34.5"H
27" Classic Chardonay Vanity Size: 27x21x33.5"H
30" Plus Sizes
33132-1GF Bk Granite Huntington Bath Vanity Size: 60x21x35"H
33132M Huntington Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Size:60x21x35"H
36" All Mirrored Ashley Bathroom Sink Vanity BWV-025/36
36" Aslton Vessel Sink Bath Vanity BWV-015
36" Cottage Style Dorsett Size:36x21x35”H
36 Vessel sink Alipha Size:48x22x31"H
39.5" HF1216M Audrey Bathroom Vanity Size:39.5x20.5x36"H
40" Plus Sizes
42" Annka Accent Chest Size:42x17x34"H
42" VIGO Vessel Sink Vanity Size: 42x20x33"H
50" Hopkinton Vanity w/matching mirror CF4437B50-OR Size: 50x22x36"H
50" Hopkinton vanity w/matching mirror CF4437M-OR Size:50x22x36"H
50" Plus Bathroom Vanities
60" Winslow Bath Vanity Size:60x22 x36"H
61-179 Cast iron stand. Size: 23.5 dia. x34"H
6275M All Wood Brookdale Bathroom Vanity Size: 45x22x36"H
Abbeville Bath Vanity CF28324 Size: 36x21.5x34" H
About Chans
All Mirrored Ashmont Bathroom Vanity Model Q744-911
Ambrosia Mirror Reflection bathroom vanity HF0534GT
Anjuna - Ultra Modern Outdoor Swing Chair - DL015
Antique White Fairmont BA-1905M-AW-24 Size:24x21x36"H
Antique White Fairmont sink vanity Model BA-1905W-AW-42
Antique White Fiesta Bath Vanity BA-2873W-AW
Antique White Loehman Bath Vanity BA-2863W-AW-42
Artturi Vessel Sink Bath Vanity Q226BN Size:36x20.5x32.25"H
Arturas Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Q336M Size:36x20.5x33"H
Ashley All Mirrored Bathroom Vanity BWV-025-30 Size: 30x22x35.5"H
Ashley mirrored Bathroom Vanity BWV-025-36 Size: 36x22x35.5"
Aslton Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity BWV-015-36 Size:36x22x31"H
B4447M Classy Chanelen Bathroom Vanity Size: 42x21.5x35.5"H
BA-1905-13M Fairmont Bathroom Vanity Size:26.5x21x32.5"H
BA-1905-8M Fairmont Bathroom Vanity Size:26.5x21x32.5"H
BA-1905-8WLT Fairmont Sink Vanity Size:27x21x33"H
BA-2815M Old fashion Morton Bathroom Vanity Size:42x22x36"H.
BA-2873BLT Fiesta bathroom sink vanity Size:31.5x22x34"H
BA-2873M Fiesta bathroom vanity Size:31.5x22x34"H
BA-2881BLT Beckham Bathroom sink vanity size: 56x22x35.5"H
BA-2881MLT Beckham Bathroom Sink Vanity size: 56x22x35.5"H
BA-2882B-42 Lehmann Bathroom Vanity Size:42x21.25x33"H
BA-2882BLT Loehman Pastel Bathroom Vanity Size: 48x22x36"H
BA-2882M-48 Loehman Bathroom Vanity Size: 48x22x36"H
BA-2883-1 Bathroom Vanity Beckham Size: 34x22x36''H
BA-2897-1 Stanley Bathroom Sink Vanity Size: 30x21x36"H
BA-2911 Old Fashion Sanford Bathroom Vanity Size:39x22x36''H
BA-3048M Double Sanford Size: 72.5x22x36.5"H
BA-3048M-60 Sanford Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Size:60x22x36"H
BA-3059-DM Campbellton Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Size:60x22x35.5"H
BA-3105M Lamgston Bathroom Vanity Size: 48x22x35"H
BA-4319M Durlinger Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Size:60x23x35.5"H
BA-4320M Most Popular Dillinger Bathroom Vanity Size: 50x22x35.5"H
BA-4435M Flamingham Bathroom sink vanity Size:48x22x36"H
BA-4437B-60 Hopkinton Bathroom Sink Vanity Size: 60x22x36"H
BA-4443M Cambridge Bathroom sink vanity Size: 48.5x22x36"H.
BA-4447M-54 Chanelen Bathroom Vanity Size: 54x21x35"H
Bar Table
Beige leather chair
Belina - All Season Swing Chair DL013WT
Belina – Nature Wicker Porch Swing Chair - DL013TW
Bethany-Marie Bathroom Vanity - BA-2881M-AW Size: 72x22x36"H
Birgitte - Outback Porch Chair - # DL021-WT
Birgitte – Urban Balance Curve Porch Chair DL021TW
Bk Granite Q075-1GF Huntington Bathroom Vanity Size: 26x21x37.5"H
BWV-047GT Bebellis Bathroom Vanity Size: 24x21.75x34"
BWV-059/36 Bathroom Vanity - Wengo Size:36x22.75x34.25"H
Ceri - Wicker Outdoor Swing Chair - DL003BK
CF28326 Baxter Bathroom Sink Vanity Size: 36x21x34.75"H
CF35535 Akira Vessel Sink Vanity Size:36x20x32"H
CF47530 Thomsville Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Size: 60x21x37"H
Chans Furniture
Chans Oriental
Clove - Urban Balance Curve Porch Swing Chair Y9091BK
Cottage Abbeville CF28323 Size: 26x21.5x34" H
Cottage Style Dorsett Size:36x21x35”H
Cream Marble Q075W-MH Huntington Bathroom Vanity Size: 26x20.75x37"H
Decorative Chest
Double Sink Bathroom Vanities
Estella - Dual Seater Hanging Chair - DL024BK
Estella – Dual Seating Wicker Swing Chair - DL024TW
Floor Sample - Catalina Size: 25x22x34"
Floor Sample - Wellesley SOLD OUT
Floor Sample - Cornwell Size: 33x22x33"H
Granite Top Q089 Belmont Bathroom Vanity Size:40x20x36"H.
H003R Colton Bathroom Sink vanity Size:24x21x35"H
Hayman Bathroom sink vanity cabinet BA-2917GT-AW-27
Hayman Bathroom Vanity Cabinet BA-2917SB-TK-27
HF-02M All wood Martinique Bathroom Sink Vanity Size: 60.5x22.25x35"H
HF-04M-74 All Wood Grand Marquis double sink Vanity size: 74x22x36"H
HF0038R Granite Top Callen Bathroom Vanity Size: 40x22.75x37"H.
HF004 Alessa Bathroom Sink Vanity size: 25x20x33"H
HF006 Ashlie All Mirror Bathroom Vanity Size: 24x21x35''H
HF0091Bellissimo Bathroom Vanity Size:36.5x22.5x36"H
HF0189 Belmont Bathroom Vanity Size:33x22.5x35"H.
HF02W Martinique Bathroom Sink Vabity Size: 60x225x35"H
HF1214M Algaringo Bathroom Vanity Size: 42.5x21.5x36.5"H.
HF160M Takashi Asian Style Bathroom Vanity Size:31x21.5x36"H
HF2095BN Septimus Bathroom Sink Vanity Size:39x22.25x35"H
HF2095M Septimus Bathroom Sink Vanity Size:39x22.25x35"H
HF2105M Spacious Criscione Bathroom Vanity Size: 48.5x22x36"H
HF2263W Camarin Bathroom Vanity Size: 32.5x20.25x34.5"H
HF2277M Cartmel Wood Bathroom Vanity Size: 48x22.5x33.5"H
HF2527 Normandy Bathroom Vanity Size: 39x22.5x36.5'H "
HF2809 Greenview Hand Paint Bathroom Vanity 41x22x31.75"H
HFZ180 Alipha Vessel Sink vanity Size:36x20.5x31"H
Hopkinton Bathroom CF4437M-60 Size:60x22x36"H
Hopkinton Bathroom Vanity CF4437B-50 Size:50x22x36"H
Hopkinton Sink Vanity Cabinet CF-4437M-50 Size:50x22x36"H
Iyanla - Wicker Outdoor Swing Chair – DL003TW
K2969M Baldwin Bathroom Vanity Size:36x22x35"H
K2969M-65 Baldwin Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Size:65x22x35"H
K3303M Old World Willington bath vanity Size: 53x21x37.25"H
L-33130M Kleinburg Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Size:60.25x22x36.5"H
L33130B Kleinburg Double Sinks Bathroom Vanity Size:60.25x22x36.5"H
Leather Selections
Lexus – Modern Style Swing Chair # Y9088
M956 Chianto Size:21x18x34"H
M970 Palma bath vanity Size: 48x22x32"H
M971 Turino bath vanity Size: 40x16x35"H
M972 Zagato Contemporary Bath Vanity Size:23diax33"H
MF-GT004 Small Palm Hall 42x20x32"H
MF2016 Beige Floral Hall 43x14x35"H
MF72201 Tropical Palm 38x20x34"H
MF920319 Bombay Desk 34x19x42"H
MFA2068 Black Floral Hall Cabinet 24x12x36"H
MFBX2068 Beige Asian Hall Cabinet 24x12x36"H
MFCJ2119 Old European Buffet 48x19x35"H
MFDX2105 Floral Half Moon 45x20x34"H
MFMX2018 Small Painted Bombay 36x16x30"H
MFMX2068 Brown Asian Hall Cabinet 24x12x36"H
Mirrored Items
Mirrored reflection Ananti Cabinet Model HF253
Mirrored reflection Ananti Sink Vanity HFZ254
Model BA3174M Jacques Bathroom Vanity Size: 46x21x35"H
Model # BA-4330M Petite Bellefonte Sink Vanity Size: 27x21x35.5"H
Model 154-DM Double Felton Szie: 72x22x35"H
Model 22232 Grand console Size: 52.5x22.25x33.5"H
Model 2327 Classic Bombay Size: 44x21x36"H
Model 32202M Espresso Septima Bathroom Vanity Size: 46x23x35.5"H
Model 329A Perkins Bathroom Vanity ONE LEFT AT THIS PRICE
Model 33130M-72 Double Kleinburg Size: 72x22x35"H
Model 33131M-51 Kensington Bath Vanity Size: 51x22.5x35.5"H
Model 59881 Carrson Chest Size: 40x22.25x36"H
Model 64123 Richardson hall chest Size: 41.75x17x34.25"H
Model 920324 Old Morgan chest Size: 48x20x33.25"H
Model A145-22 Sm. Bench size: 22x16x18"H
Model A145-42 Foot locker bench Size: 42x16x18"H
Model A329 Perkins Bathroom Vanity Size:42x20x36"H
Model AA031 Asian writing desk Size: 45x28x41"H
Model BA-2819-DB Crestwood size: 72x22x36.5"H
Model BA-2844 Horton Bathroom Vanity Size: 21.5x21.5x34.5
Model BA-2845M Atoll Bathroom Vanity Size: 30x22x36"H
Model BA-2869M Versailles Bathroom Vanity Size:32x22x36
Model BA-2881M Beckham Bathroom Vanity Size:56x22x35.5"H
Model BA-2896-DBLT-64 Double Buckingham sie: 64x22x36"H
Model BA-2910-1 Contempo Bath Vanity Size: 24x21x35"
Model BA-3059M-72 Campbellton size: 72x22x36"H
Model BA-3066 Teega Bathroom Vanity Size:21x19x33"H
Model BA-3074M Carver Bathroom Vanity Size: 28x20x33"H
Model BWV-028 Ashton Size: 36x22x35"H
Model BWV-048M Camelot Bathroom Vanity Size: 24x22x36"H
Model HF001M Agatha Bathroom Vanity Size: 60.25x22x34"H
Model HF0209M Camelot Bathroom Vanity Size: 26x22x34"H
Model HF0417 Warwick Bathroom Sink Vanity Size: 36x22.25x34.5"H
Model HF0618 Dorchester sink vanity Call before ordering
Model HF0669 Classic Wine celler Size: 42.5x20.5x37"H
Model HF1215M Velarde Bathroom Vanity Size:32.35x21.75x35.5"H
Model HF162M-74 Marciano Bathroom vanity Size:74x22x36.5"H
Model HF2326 Decoroso Bathroom Vanity Size: 32.5x20.25x34.5"H
Model HF2346 Bombay style desk Size: 35x19.75x42"H
Model HF2680 Ethan Bathroom Vanity Size:26x22x36.5"H
Model K1103 Vertigo Bathroom Vanity Size:36x21x35.5"H
Model K2205 Dorsett Bathroom Sink Vanity SOLD OUT
Model K2261M Brockton Bathroom sink vanity Size:53x22.5x35.5"H
Model Q031M Castillian Bathroom Sink Vanity Size: 50x22x36"H
Model Q083M Charito Bathroom Vanity Size: 24.5x21.5x34"H
Model Q108GT Cadence Bathroom Vanity Size:48x24x35.5"H
Model Q120M Reynold Size: 34x22x35"H
Model Q136-H2 Tall towel cabinet Size: 22x10.65x67.5"H
Model Q136-HA3 Verdana towel cabinet Size: 32.5x10x67.5"H
Model Q154 Felton Bathroom Vanity Size:33x21.5x35.5"H
Model Q231D-60 Double Vermezzo Size: 60x23.x34"H
Model Q315DM-62 Double Covington Size: 62x22.5x35''H
Model Q319-36 Baydren Bathroom Sink Vanity Size:36x22x32.5"H.
Model Q335 Bathroom Vanity Concord Size:48x22.25x37"H
Model Q410M Zeccone Bathroom Vanity Size: 48x22.25x37"H
Model Q413M Litchfield Bathroom Vanity Size: 34x22x35.5"H
Model Q423 Valencia Bathroom Vanity Size: 48x22.5x34.5"H
Model S02 Madison matching mirror 46x42"H
Model SC0026M Lymans Double Sink Vanity Size: 72 x 22 x 36''H
Modern Vanities
More Bathroom vanities
NO. HF2129M Bathroom Vanity Devenero Size: 37.5x 20.5x37"H
NO. Q136-8 Verdana Vessel Sink Bath Vanity Size:48x22x33.5"H
Old Fashion Tuscany Bath Vanity BA-2869M
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Petite Clover Sink Vanity HF14121M Size:26x22x34.5"H
Powder Room Vanity Stella BA-2801MLT Size:21x21x34"H
Q005 Bk Granite Baltimore Bath Vanity Size:37x22x34"
Q0136-1 Verdana Vessel sink Bathroom Vanity Size: 36 x 20.5 x 33"H
Q0136-CR Verdana Corner Vanity Size:38x26x33"H
Q021-1R Red Majestic Huntington Bath Vanity Size: 37.5x20.5x37"H
Q021-43GT Huntington Sink Vanity Size:43x20.5x37"H.
Q021-48GT Huntington Bathroom Vanity Size: 48x22x37"H
Q030-CM Bayview Corner shape Bathroom Vanity Size: 24x24x34"H
Q036M 48" Bathroom Sink Vanity Florence Size: 48x22x36"H
Q036XLM Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Florence Szie:63x23x36"H
Q066M Luxembourg Bathroom Vanity Size: 32x21x35"H
Q077-8G Vessel Sink Bath Vanity Domingo Size:46x20.5x31"H
Q083-DM-66 Charito Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Size:66x21.75x36.25”H
Q136D Double Vessel Bath Vanity Verdana Size:62.5x20.5x33"H
Q154M-54 Felton Contempary style Bathroom Vanity Size: 54x22.25x35.25"H
Q161 Double Sinks Bethany-Marie SOLD OUT
Q162MLT Hand Painted Marciano Size:74x22x36.5"H
Q231-1 Vermezzo Bathroom Vanity Size:31.75x23x33.75"H
Q337-1 Bathroom sink vanity - Gotham 24 x 22.25 x 35"H
Q343-30M Contempary Delamore Bathroom Vanity Size:30x21x37"H
Q343-38M Contempary Delamore Bathroom Vanity Size:38x21x35"H
Q344M Contempary Bathroom Vanity size: 41x21x36"H Benedetta
Q401N Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Turismo Size:30x22.5x31.5"H
Q404 Old Fashion Bathroom Vanity Darren Size:29x22x35"H
Q414M Stoughton Bathroom Vanity Size: 35.5x22.5x35.5"H
Q442 Bathroom vanity Marcello 24x21.5x35.5"H
Q991 Side cabinet Size: 34.5x19x31"H
Ravelo – Vibrant Color Swing Chair – PE-03GN
Ravelo – Most Vibrant Outdoor Swing Chair PE03WT
Red Garnite Q075-1R Huntington Bath vanity Size: 26x21x37.5"H
Red leather chair
S001M All Wood Madison Bathroom Vanity Size: 36x22x36" H
S01GT Queen Anne Madison Bathroom Vanity Size: 36x22x36"H
S2206 Viara bath vanity Size: 32x19x33"H
S2207 Veneto vanity Size:17x19x33'H
S8005 Lanna - Euro Style Outdoor Wicker Sofa Set
S8008 Wembely - Four Piece Outdoor Sofa Set
S8011 Purity - Synthetic Weave Outdoor Sofa Set
S8012 Mandalay – Two Piece Outdoor lounge settee
S8013 Dreamscrape - synthetic weaving chaise lounge
SC-4320ASH Kendrick Bathroom sink vanity Size: 50x22x35.5"H
SC-4320M -56 Costello Bathroom sink vanity Size: 56x22x35.5"H
SC-4320M Large single Sink Castello Bathroom Vanity Size: 50x22x35.5"H
SC0030M Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Bernado Size:42x22x36"H
SC0055BN Naple Puteaux Bathroom Vanity Size:41.5x22x34.5"H.
Scratch And Dent 72" Crestwood Vanity 72x22x36"H
Scratch And Dent Vanity - 72" Felton Size: 72x22x35"H
Sq. Table
Stella Petite Bath Vanity BA2801W-AW Size:21x21x34"H
Stella Petite Vanity BA-2801B Size:21x21x34"H
SW029 Verdana JR. Vessel Sink Bath Vanity Size: 28.5x21x33"H
Talya - All Season Wicker Swing Chair - DL018BK
Talya - All Wicker Porch Swing Chairs - DL018AB
Talya - White Synethtic Wicker Swing - DL018-WT
Thais – Urban Balance Curve Porch Swing Chair – Y9037
Tigan - synthetic wicker swing chair - #Y9068
Truly - Outdoor Wicker Swing Chair - DL003AB
Verdana II Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity BWV-026 Size:32x22x31"H
Versailles Bathroom vanity Model BA-2869GT-AW
Versailles Bathroom vanity Model BA-2869MAW
Vessel Sink Bath Vanity -Q077-3BN Moderna Size: 37x 20.5x31"H
Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Q339 Giovanni Size: 30x22.5x31.5"H
Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity - HF2531A Dylan Size: 26x21x32"H


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Choose Baltic Brown Granite Counter Top or Cream Marfil Marble Counter Top. 3 Modular Units. 12-Drawer and 4-Door storage with shelves. Includes Oval Ceramic under mount Sinks. Distressed cabinet design. Ships fully assembled.


 Click on above 90" Marley Double Sink Vanity for a high quality product photo, sale price information and more product details

  Complete Bathroom Sink Vanity Set with Makeup Table on Sale now. Select Cabinet Color, Style & Width Size

We Offer a Huge Selection of Sink Vanity with Makeup Sit Down Station Solutions;

Cabinets Only, Ready-to-Assemble, Pre-Assembled and Complete with Countertops & Faucets at Any Width Size that will work best for Your Bathroom!


 Charlotte Makeup Sink Vanity, below, available in Single or Double Sink

Makeup sink vanity with Makeup Table popular width sizes: Single Vanity, 48", 54", 60". Double Vanities most popular widths are 72" and up.

These bathroom vanity models also include a vanity makeup sit down station with a spacious drawer that can accommodate your vanity essentials and jewelry.

Makeup Vanity Set with Carrara Marble Top - Double or Single Sink Vanity


Did you know ... What is a makeup desk called?
Today it is usually called a vanity table but in the 19th century, it was called a dressing table. Click on the above product pictures for more shopping selections.


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Solid Brass constructed antique style Brushed Nickel finish Vanderbilt Cross Handle Vanity Faucets shown here mounted on Carrara White Marble Countertop with rectangle undermount sink.

Orig. Price: $657.00
Sale Price: $399.00

Vanderbilt Cross Handle Vanity Faucets ship with matching set Brushed Nickel finish Sink Drains.

Orig. Price: $432.00
Sale Price: $229.00

Sabrina Waterfall Faucet in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish.
Sink Drain sold separately.

Charlotte Double Vanity Set with Makeup Section
Solid Wood Construction,
Soft Close Hinges, available in several cabinet styles & colors, with your choice of Granite, Marble or Quartz Top. Shown here in Hazel, Cream and White cabinets.


Master Bathroom Double Sink Vanity with Makeup sit-down section

 Makeup Sink Vanity width sizes: 48, 54, 60, 69", 72", 78", 84", 90", 96", 102" & 120"

Below: Charlotte Makeup Sink Vanity in Transitional Style Shaker White Cabinet Finish


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